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Algeria .ENTV 77K
News and sports.
Australia .ABC Sports
On demand sports news.
Australia .Fox Sports
Roundup of the latest sports news.
Azerbaijan .AZTV 150K
The Azerbaijan State TV.
Brazil .Bandsports 150K
Sports TV.
Brazil .DM TV 140K
Sports TV.
Brazil .Rede TV SUL 160K
Family channel.
Brazil .TV Taroba 150K
TV station from Cascavel (PR).
Canada .TSN 464K
Sport TV channel with on demand news.
Canada .WHL
Ice hockey channel.
China .CCTV-5 300K
Chinese sports TV channel.
China .NTDTV 150K
New Tang Dynasty.
China .SDTV4 (ZHTV) 200K
China .Star sports 200K
Sports TV.
China .SZTV 150K
China .XATV-2 300K
TV from Xian City.
Croatia .HTV Sat 45K
General TV station.
Ecuador .Cable Deportes 45K
France .Boardriders TV 500K
TV station dedicated to boardriding.
France .Eurosport 382K
Not alway's online. Many recorded items available on website.
Germany .ARD Sportschau
Recorded sport events available on website.
Germany .Del TV 500K
Ice hockey channel.
Germany .DSF
Recorded sports news (Deutsches Sport Fernsehen).
Germany .Eurosport 382K
Recorded streams and live scores.
Germany .IPC sports 384K
Paralympics sport TV.
Germany .PETN Sportschannel 1100K
Sports TV.
Germany .Sportswin 500K
Online sportsbetting.
Germany .ZDF Mediathek
Recorded sports items available on website.
Iran .Irib TV3 273K
National TV Station with various programmes.
Israel .Sport 5
Recorded streams available on website.
Israel .Ynet
Highlights of the Israeli soccer league (updated every Sunday).
Italy .Idea TV 141K
General sports.
Italy .Rai Sport 100K
Recorded sports update.
Italy .ROMAuno 348K
TV from Rome.
Italy .Telecapri 140K
Sport channel with soccer.
Italy .TV Mediterraneo 50K
Located in Modica. Recorded news available on website.
Italy .TV Oggi 550K
General TV station.
Korea, South .Andong MBC 225K
Korea, South .GTB SBS 350K
General TV station.
Korea, South .KCTV 190K
Korea, South .Masan MBC 350K
Masan Munhwa Boardcasting Cooperation (not always available).
Latvia .Eurosports 240K
Fighting sports.
Libya .Nadi TV 273K
News, sports, Radio and TV broadcasting.
Malaysia .RTM TV1 273K
Sports, news, entertainment, movie, drama and more.
Mexico .Mexiquense 191K
Television station located in Toluca (XHGEM-TV).
Netherlands .Raceworld TV
All about car racing.
Netherlands .Tien (Voetbal)
Soccer channel with matches from Europe. (requires free registration).
Poland .TTK 248K
Regional Program from Tarnow.
Qatar .Al Dawri 50K
Sports TV.
Russian fed. .Eurosport 322K
General sports channel.
Russian fed. .RTR Sports
Recorded sports streams available on website.
Serbia&Mont. .RTS1 100K
General TV station with sports and news.
Serbia&Mont. .RTS2 100K
State Television.
Spain .Canal GV 190K
Local TV from Valencia.
Spain .ETB Sat 350K
Basque television, with several programmes in the Basque Language and Spanish.
Spain .Telemadrid Sat 190K
Entertainment, music, sports and news.
Spain .TVG 116K
Live from Galicia.
Spain .TVVI 190K
Canal Autonomico Valencia.
Switzerland .SF Sport
Recorded sports news.
Switzerland .U1 TV 145K
General TV station.
Turkey .Fenerbahce TV
Fenerbahce Football Club TV.
Turkey .TJK 500K
Horse racing TV.
U. Kingdom .BBC Sport
Roundup of the latest sports news.
U. Kingdom .Cycling TV 800K
TV station about cycling sports.
U. Kingdom .Golfbug TV
Golf TV.
U. Kingdom .High TV
Extreme sports TV Channel.
U. Kingdom .Martial Arts TV
Martial Arts sports.
U. Kingdom .Sail TV
Sailing sports.
U. Kingdom .Sportal 387K
Sports portal with recorded video's.
U. Kingdom .Sportbox
Recorded sports news.
U. Kingdom .World Hockey TV
Field Hockey sports.
USA [a-l] .Baseball channel 400K
Baseball highlights.
USA [a-l] .CBS College Sports 392K
Sports TV.
USA [a-l] .CSTV 391K
College Sports.
USA [a-l] .ESPN 100K
Sports network.
USA [m-z] .Mac Sports 400K
Martial Arts sports.
USA [m-z] .MLS
Official site of Major League Soccer.
USA [m-z] .Online Racing 270K
Parimutuel racing.
USA [m-z] .Race Online 512K
Autosports channel.
USA [m-z] .WCSN 400K
General sports channel.
Venezuela .ESPN Deportes
Recorded programs available on website.
Vietnam .HTV 273K
General TV station with sports from Hanoi.
Vietnam .VT1 231K
Vietnam .VT2 242K
Sometimes broadcasting European soccer.
Vietnam .VTV3 250K

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