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Argentina .Canal Luz 291K
Christian family broadcast.
Argentina .Canal Santa Maria 350K
Religious TV from Mercedes City, Buenos Aires Province.
Australia .ACC 270K
The Australian Christian TV broadcasts on TV channel 49 of OPTUS television.
Austria .K-TV 355K
Catholic TV station from Dornbirn.
Bahrain .Discover Islam TV 256K
Offers programs for the purpose of informing the public about Islamic belief.
Bolivia .Redadvenir 100K
Christian TV station.
Brazil .AtaliaNet 193K
Christian TV station.
Brazil .Boa Vontade 100K
Christian TV station.
Brazil .FNC TV 100K
Catholic TV.
Brazil .Ongrace 140K
Religious TV station from Sao Paulo.
Brazil .Rede Gospel 120K
Christian TV.
Brazil .Rede Super 90K
Evangelical channel from Belo Horizonte.
Brazil .TV Espiritualista 100K
Spiritual program.
Brazil .TV Primeira 100K
Babtist church in Vitoria.
Canada .Miracle Channel 280K
Religious TV channel.
Canada .The Stream 539K
Religious Web TV.
Chile .Canal 13 115K
TV from the Catholic University.
Chile .Canal 13 Cable 115K
Pontificia Universidad Catolica de Chile.
Colombia .Canal 41 ABN 128K
Located in Bogota.
Colombia .CMB 100K
Christian TV station.
Costa Rica .Canal 23 300K
Christian TV.
Costa Rica .FCN TV 141K
Christian family TV from Heredia.
Costa Rica .Telecatolica
Christian TV station.
Czech Rep. .TV NOE 720K
Christian TV station.
Egypt .Aghapy 66K
Christian TV.
Egypt .Sat 7 100K
Satellite channel for the Christians of the Middle East and North Africa.
El Salvador .Canal 17 273K
Christian TV station.
El Salvador .El Camino 153K
Christian channel.
Estonia .Life TV 245K
Christian channel from Tallinn.
Finland .TV7
Christian TV station.
Germany .CFC
Christian TV Chiemgau.
Greece .Lyxnos 45K
TV from the Orthodox Bisdom in Patras.
Greece .Nikaia Church 83K
Free Apostolic Church Of Pentecost Nikaia.
Greece .WordofGod 100K
Greek language: Christian Pentecostal Church that transmits an Internet only broadcast.
Greece .WordofGod 100K
Italian language: Christian Pentecostal Church that transmits an Internet only broadcast.
Greece .WordofGod 100K
English language: Christian Pentecostal Church that transmits an Internet only broadcast.
Honduras .JBN TV
Christian TV channel.
India .Jesus Calls 300K
Christian TV channel.
India .Sanskar TV 273K
Spiritual channel.
India .Satsang TV 100K
Spiritual channel.
Iran .Mohabat TV 141K
Persian christian channel.
Iran .Salaam TV 222K
Islamic channel.
Israel NEW!:
Christian TV.
Israel .Machonmeir 232K
Religious lectures in Hebrew.
Italy .TRBC 50K
Catholic channel.
Italy .TV Padre Pio 100K
Religious TV channel.
Kazakhstan .CNL 259K
Christian TV channel.
Korea, South .C3TV 273K
Christian Internet Broadcasting.
Korea, South .CGNTV 140K
Christian Gospel channel.
Korea, South .PBC 242K
Catholic TV Channel.
Mexico .Inter TV 100K
Christian TV station.
Mexico .Monte Maria 35K
Christian TV channel.
Mozambique .TV Mana 40K
Local TV from Maputo.
Netherlands .Geloven (NCRV) 791K
Christian TV.
Netherlands .Omega TV 800K
Christian channel.
New Zealand .Shine TV 384K
National Christian Television.
Nigeria .Emmanuel TV 300K
Christian TV station.
Nigeria .Loveworld 148K
Christian TV station.
Norway .TV Visjon Norge 500K
Christian TV.
Pakistan .IIPC 500K
Islamitic TV channel.
Panama .Hosanna TV 141K
Christian television station broadcasting from 6 am EST until midnight.
Peru .Bethel 300K
Christian TV.
Philippines .The Old Path 128K
Live from Manila.
Philippines .Truth Caster 115K
Discussion of truths about our present milieu, society and faith.
Philippines .UNTV 75K
Balanced, quality programming, value-laden shows, and public service.
Poland .TV Trwam 200K
Religious TV channel.
Portugal .Mana Sat 128K
Christian channel.
Portugal .Mana Sat 2 86K
Christian channel.
Puerto Rico .Iglesia de Dios 143K
Christian TV station from Manati, P.R.
Puerto Rico .Mega TV 100K
Christian TV station.
Puerto Rico .NCN 100K
Christian family TV.
Puerto Rico .Pabellon de Victoria 45K
Christian TV station.
Puerto Rico .Teleadoracion 144K
Christian channel.
Romania NEW!:
Alfa Omega TV
Christian TV station from Timisoara.
Saudi Arabia .Iqraa TV 50K
Islamic channel.
South Africa .Divine Truth 150K
Christian channel.
South Africa .Spirit World 143K
Christian channel.
Spain .Cetelmon 100K
Christian TV from La Paz.
Spain .Fuego TV 100K
Christian TV station.
Sweden .DKNET 350K
Christian TV station.
Sweden .Kanal 10 512K
Christian TV station.
Taiwan .Good TV 141K
Religious TV.
Thailand .DMC 450K
Dhammakaya Foundation media channel.
Turkey .Adim TV 116K
Religious TV channel.
U. Kingdom .GOD TV 250K
Christian Channel.
U. Kingdom .INI TV 300K
Inspiration Network International (Religious television).
U. Kingdom .Islam Channel 100K
Islamic satellite channel located in the UK.
U. Kingdom .MTA 300K
Ahmadi Religious TV-Station broadcasting from UK but in different languages.
U. Kingdom .Premier TV
Christian TV.
U. Kingdom .Revelation TV 391K
Christian TV Channel.
U. Kingdom .Webtv 400K
Christian TV channel.
USA (loc. AL-CA) .Shepherds Chapel 45K
Located in Gravette. Provides live Bible study hours.
USA (loc. AL-CA) .TBN 500K
Religious network, located in Santa Ana.
USA (loc. CO-HI) .Superchannel WACX 100K
Live prayers from Orlando.
USA (loc. CO-HI) .WCLF 100K
Christian Television Network.
USA (loc. ID-MA) .BCTV
Catholic TV.
USA (loc. ID-MA) .Greater Grace 145K
Christian TV station from Baltimore.
USA (loc. ID-MA) .Spirit Broadcasting Network 100K
Christian channel.
USA (loc. ID-MA) .WHTV 45K
WHT TV offers a blend of Christian programming (South Bend, Indiana).
USA (loc. MI-NY) .770 Live 300K
Live Synagogue in Crown Heights. One of the most famous synagogues in new york.
USA (loc. MI-NY) .TV 26 273K
Religious TV.
USA (loc. MI-NY) .Unity Broadcasting 45K
Christian television station located in the rural Mississippi town of Fulton.
USA (loc. NC-TN) .GBN TV 222K
The Gospel Broadcasting Network, located in Chattanooga.
USA (loc. NC-TN) .GEB 200K
Christian Network broadcasting from the campus of Oral Roberts University in Tulsa, Oklahoma.
USA (loc. NC-TN) .KGEB TV-53 350K
Religious TV.
USA (loc. TX-WY) .BYU TV 273K
Live from the Brigham Young University.
USA (loc. TX-WY) .Lakewood
Christian TV.
USA (loc. TX-WY) .Mizpa TV 512K
Spanish christian TV.
USA (loc. TX-WY) .SPFV 331K
Faith based network out of Houston that offers "LIVE" as well as streaming programs.
USA (loc. TX-WY) .WJDW 330K
Religious TV.
USA [a-l] .3ABN 300K
A 24 hour Christian Television Network.
USA [a-l] .Al Karma TV 273K
Arabic Christian TV.
USA [a-l] .Almavison 311K
Hispanic Christian TV.
USA [a-l] .Calvary Chapel 290K
Christian tv station.
USA [a-l] .CBN News
Christian TV station with recorded news.
USA [a-l] .ChurchChannel 300K
A multi-denominational religious network that features church services.
USA [a-l] .CTNi 331K
International edition of the American Christian Network.
USA [a-l] .CTVN 150K
Christian TV Network.
USA [a-l] .Daystar 500K
Christian TV station.
USA [a-l] .Dr. Gene Scott. 80K
Dr. Gene Scott preaching from The Cathedral in Los Angeles.24 hours a day.
USA [a-l] .EWTN 500K
Religious TV Station. Stream 1 is Spanish. Stream 2 is English.
USA [a-l] .GLC 300K
Christian TV.
USA [a-l] .His Channel 680K
Bible teaching.
USA [a-l] .Hope TV 200K
Christian television network.
USA [a-l] .JCTV 291K
Christian music.
USA [a-l] .LLBN 102K
Christian Network from California.
USA [m-z] .TBN Enlace 291K
A spanish language Christian Network.
USA [m-z] .TCT 300K
Christian TV channel.
USA [m-z] .Telegracia 377K
Christian TV (spanish) from Miami.
USA [m-z] NEW!:
Hispanic Christian TV.
USA [m-z] .WFK Channel 300K
Christian channel.
Vatican City .Sat2000 300K
Catholic channel.
Vatican City .Vatican TV 200K
Only transmitting during some parts of the day when there is activity in the Vatican City.

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