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Brazil .Faap TV 141K
Educational TV located in Sao Paulo.
Brazil .Rede Mundial 225K
Educational program from Sao Paulo.
Brazil .RTVE 95K
Educational TV from Parana.
Brazil .TV Seculo 21 45K
Educational programming from Sao Paulo.
Chile .Universidad del Mar 560K
University channel located in Antofagasta.
Colombia .Canal Cuatro 225K
University TV.
Colombia .Teleantioquia 100K
Local TV station from Medellin (EAFIT University).
Costa Rica .Canal 15 100K
TV from the University of Costa Rica.
Germany .BR Alpha
Educational programs from the Bayerischen Rundfunk from Mnchen.
Germany .Campus TV 330K
TV from the Technischen Fachhochschule Wildau.
Germany .XEN.ON 625K
Campus Television.
Iran .Amouzesh 273K
Educational TV (IRIB).
Israel .Hasulam TV 150K
Hebrew TV about wisdom of kabbalah and tora.
Korea, South .EBS Sat 300K
TV station located in Seoul.
Mexico .Canal 53 (UANL-TV) 53K
University Autonoma de Nuevo Leon (Monterrey).
Mexico .EDU Canal 11 100K
Educational TV (not always online).
Mexico .EDU Canal 12 100K
Educational TV (not always online).
Mexico .EDU Canal 13 100K
Educational TV (not always online).
Mexico .EDU Canal 14 100K
Educational TV (not always online).
Mexico .EDU Canal 15 100K
Educational TV (not always online).
Mexico .EDU Canal 16 100K
Educational TV (not always online).
Mexico .EDU Canal 18 100K
Educational TV (not always online).
Mexico .EDU Canal 22 270K
Educational TV (not always online).
Mexico .RTV 40K
Veracruz State Goverment Television, News, Education, Sports and Talk Shows.
Mexico .Sicom 150K
Educational TV (estado de puebla).
Mexico .TV Educativa
Many live TV streams from Mexico available!
Mexico .TV Unam
University TV. Sometimes online.
Mexico .Universidad Canal 1 270K
University TV from Monterrey.
Netherlands .ETV 391K
Local educational TV from Rotterdam.
Netherlands .Nederland-e 800K
Educational channel (
Peru .Huascarán
TV provided by The Ministry of Education of Peru.
Russian fed. .Rambler TV 300K
Educational TV.
Russian fed. .SGU TV 273K
Lectures and classes of the university. 24 hours.
Spain .ATEI 200K
TV Educativa Iberoamericana.
Spain .UPV TV 450K
Universitat Politècnica de València.
Spain .URJC 200K
TV from the University Rey Juan Carlos.
Taiwan .HZTV 128K
Buddhist Satellite Education Center.
Turkey .Bilim Kultur TV 233K
Suleyman Demirel University offering, live activities and audio visiual archives.
Turkey .Dost TV 112K
Live broadcast about child-education, life in general and much more.
Turkey .ODTU TV 539K
Mid-Eastern Technical University, collegional lessons can be watched live.
U. Kingdom .BBC_Sky at Night
Space/astronomy programme.
USA (loc. AL-CA) .CCCSAT 500K
California Community Colleges.
USA (loc. AL-CA) .Csumb TV 270K
California State University TV (Monterey Bay).
USA (loc. AL-CA) .KLRN 250K
Educational TV from Pasadena.
USA (loc. AL-CA) .SDCOE TV 350K
San Diego County Office of Education.
USA (loc. AL-CA) .UCLA TV 170K
Student Television.
USA (loc. CO-HI) .Ch. 20 350K
Education and Government Television.
USA (loc. CO-HI) .Floyd College TV 80K
Floyd College Television from Rome.
USA (loc. CO-HI) .WUWF TV 539K
Public Access TV from West Florida University also bringing Deutsche Welle and Classic Arts Showcase.
USA (loc. ID-MA) .BECTV 100K
Bloomington Educational Cable TV.
USA (loc. ID-MA) .WETN 339K
College TV from Wheaton.
USA (loc. MI-NY) .ICTV 80K
Ithaca College TV from New York.
USA (loc. NC-TN) .TV 24
Local News from Jacksonville State University.
USA (loc. TX-WY) .Annenberg 331K
Educational TV (Seatlle Community Colleges).
USA (loc. TX-WY) .GMUTV 141K
George Mason University.
USA (loc. TX-WY) .KAMU TV 222K
College station from Tamu.
USA (loc. TX-WY) .MISD 273K
Mesquite Independant School District.
USA (loc. TX-WY) .SCCT 339K
Seattle Community Colleges TV.
USA [a-l] .AT TV 350K
Video & Collaboration Services from the University of Florida.
USA [a-l] .Cal Poly Pomona 245K
Classic Arts Showcase or class session.
USA [a-l] .Cal Poly Pomona 245K
NASA Television or other programming.
USA [a-l] .Global Country 30K
Maharishi Channel (Maharishi Open University).
USA [m-z] .NASA TV 150K
Follow every step of NASA with NASA TV LIVE.
USA [m-z] .NASA TV 200K
Follow every step of NASA with NASA TV LIVE.
USA [m-z] .OR Live
Live surgery on the Internet.
USA [m-z] .Patient Channel 321K
Education TV channel from GE Healthcare and NBC.
USA [m-z] .Research channel 1500K
The research TV channel of the University of Washington.
USA [m-z] .Strawberry TV 98K
Entertaining & Educational Internet TV from the Deep South (Louisiana).
USA [m-z] .UATV 225K
Broadcasting from Anchorage: Nasa TV, Bachelor of Business Administration, Masters of Public Administration and Business Administration, and more.
USA [m-z] .UCTV 151K
The educational tv network for the University of California.
USA [m-z] .UMTV 400K
University of Michigan Television - various programming.
USA [m-z] .UW2TV 250K
University of Washington TV, channel 2.
USA [m-z] .UWTV 220K
TV from the University of Washington.
USA [m-z] .VSU TV 225K
Students in the television area work with VSU-TV, South Georgia.
USA [m-z] .Woodworking channel 312K
Woodcraft TV.

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