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Channel Stream Fav.Information
.1-2-3 TV 290K
Offers a broad range of products.
.3Sat 441K
General TV station.
.9 Live 500K
Phone-in quiz show.
General German automobiles club.
.Antenne West 350K
Regional television for the region: The Eifel, Saar, Mosel, east Belgium & Luxembourg.
The watersports magazine.
.ARD Tagesschau 325K
The most popular German news program on demand.
.Arte 260K
German/French culture channel.
.Astro TV 300K
.Bahn TV 700K
Channel dedicated to the traffic.
.Beatnet Radio
Radio station with studio view.
.Campus TV 330K
TV from the Technischen Fachhochschule Wildau.
.Center TV 330K
Local TV from Koln.
Christian TV Chiemgau.
.DAF TV 300K
Financial news.
.Del TV 500K
Ice hockey channel.
.Deluxe Music TV 400K
Music TV channel without moderation.
.Der Schmuckkanal 500K
Offers jewellery.
.DHD 24 TV 330K
Interactive TV station.
.Donau TV 300K
Regional TV from Deggendorf.
.DW-TV 256K
Worldnews channel / Deutsche Welle (not available in the USA).
.DW-TV 250K
Worldnews channel / Deutsche Welle (not available in the USA).
.Eberswalde 270K
Local TV.
.Eins Extra 328K
Live from Mon.-Fri. / 14:00 - 19:00 H (German time).
.Elbekanal 320K
Regional TV from Schönebeck.
.Euro 3 500K
Regional TV from the Bodensee.
.Eurosport 382K
Recorded streams and live scores.
.Findaway 150K
Cultural alternative TV from Berlin.
.Flott-TV 330K
Local TV from Guenzburg.
.Franken TV 300K
Located in Nürnberg.
.Gems TV 300K
Interactive shopping TV.
Computer / Music station.
.Halle cam 95K
Located in Halle.
.Hamburg 1 290K
Recorded news.
.Help TV 359K
Consulting television from Dortmund.
.HSE 24 300K
Shopping channel.
.HSE 24 Digital 300K
Offers a broad range of products.
.Internet Radio 144K
Radio station with live studio view.
.INTV 300K
The infochannel from Ingolstadt.
.IPC sports 384K
Paralympics sport TV.
.Kiez cam 200K
Webcam located on the famous Reeperbahn.
.KWTV 232K
Regional TV from Wildau / Königs Wusterhausen.
.Landtag MV 45K
The State-Parliament of Mecklenburg - Vorpommern (not always online).
.Landtag Thüringen 250K
Thüringer federal state parliament - Erfurt (parliament).
.Lastminute TV 755K
Commercial travel channel.
.München 2 300K
Regional TV from München.
.München TV 300K
Regional TV from München.
.Motor TV 150K
Independent and alternative music station.
Radio station with studio view.
.NOA4 700K
Norderstedt on air 4. Local TV station.
.NRW TV 880K
TV from Dortmund for Nordrhein-Westfalen.
.n-tv 330K
News TV.
.Oberlausitz TV 214K
Local TV from Oberlausitz (Ostsachsen):
.OK 43 300K
The public access channel in Essen.
.OPuS Radio
Radio station with studio view. Old music, pop and "Schlager".
.OTV 300K
Oberpfalz TV from Amberg.
.PETN Citychannel 1100K
Citynews from Leipzig.
.PETN Moviechannel 1000K
Movie channel.
.PETN Musicchannel 1100K
Music channel.
.PETN Sportschannel 1100K
Sports TV.
.Phoenix 452K
News from Bonn, documentaries, debates. Transmission sometimes interrupted.
.Pop Radio 150K
Radio station with studio view.
.Potsdam TV 350K
Local TV from Potsdam.
.QVC 350K
(Home Shopping) Offers a broad range of products.
.Radio Chaos
Radio station with studio view.
.Radio Nachteule
Radio station with studio view.
.Radio Silvermoon
Radio station with studio view. Techno music from Hamburg.
.RFH 240K
Local TV from Halberstadt.
.RFL TV 300K
Regional television from Landshut.
.RFR TV 300K
Regional television from Oberbayern - Rosenheim.
.RTL Shop 500K
Offers a broad range of products.
.Ruparty 273K
TV for russian german people.
Regional TV for Brandenburg an der Havel and Belzig. 280K
Travel shopping TV.
.Sportswin 500K
Online sportsbetting.
.Sportswin TV 450K
Horseracing TV.
.Streetclip TV 1100K
Music and culture channel.
.Traumpartner TV 500K
Internet dating.
.TRP 1 300K
Regional television from Niederbayern (Passau).
.Tunespoon 380K
Music Videos.
.TV Aktuell 300K
Regional television from Regensburg.
.TV Augsburg 300K
Regional TV.
.TV Berlin 500K
Local TV from Berlin.
.TV Halle 900K
Local TV from Halle.
.TV Mittelrhein 300K
Regional TV aus Koblenz.
.TV Sauerland 555K
Regional TV from Sauerland.
.TV Schwaben 300K
Local TV from Ulm.
.TV shop 300K
Fitness, wellness, health, domestic, music and spare time.
.TV Suedbaden 350K
Regional Television from Freiburg.
.TV Touring 1 300K
TV touring Aschaffenburg.
.TV Touring 2 300K
TV touring Schweinfurt.
.TV Touring 3 300K
TV touring Würzburg.
.TVO 300K
TV from Oberfranken.
.VOF 512K
Regional TV from Vilshofen.
.WDR 300K
The main news programs of the Westdeutscher Rundfunk are shown live.
.Wetter 440K
Recorded and live weatherforecast.
.Wildtiere 300K
Wildlife camera.
.WM TV 517K
Regional TV for Münsterland / Münster. 500K
German music.
.WWTV 650K
Local TV from Wied.
.XEN.ON 625K
Campus Television.
.XXL Radio
Dance / House / Techno / Trance.
.ZDF 300K
On of the main public TV stations of Germany.

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