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Channel Stream Fav.Information
.(traffic) Madrid 100K
Different traffic camviews.
.Andalucía TV 150K
Live, programmes from Andalucia: news, music, sport, etc.
Antena 3 Int.
National TV station.
.Aragon Television 100K
Local TV from Aragon (sometimes online).
.ATEI 200K
TV Educativa Iberoamericana.
.Barcelona TV 512K
Local TV (shows a webcamview of Barcelona when it is not broadcasting).
.Cadena Local 300K
Local TV from Madrid.
.Canal 29 200K
General TV station from Vallalodid.
.Canal Castello TV 200K
Local TV from Castellon.
.Canal GV 190K
Local TV from Valencia.
.Canal Latino 162K
TV from Las Palmas (Gran Canaria).
.Cetelmon 100K
Christian TV from La Paz.
.CNN+ 102K
News station.
.Congreso 221K
Spanish congress.
Local TV from El EJido (Almaria)
.El Independiente 248K
TV from Las Palmas (Gran Canaria).
.EsMadrid TV 400K
Touristic channel.
.Estrada TV 141K
Local TV from Estrada.
.ETB Sat 350K
Basque television, with several programmes in the Basque Language and Spanish.
.Fuego TV 100K
Christian TV station.
.Granollers TV 45K
General TV station.
.Guadalajara 300K
Local TV from Guadalajara.
.Intereconomia 100K
Financial news.
.Lanzarote TV 50K
General TV station from the Isle Lanzarote (Sometimes online).
.LaOtra 196K
Live from Madrid.
.Localia TV 141K
Localia TV, a spanish TV local network, with more than 85 afiliates (movies, news, music, talkshows).
Local TV from Marbella.
.MIRAm 52K
Local TV from Barcelona.
.Ojos Solidarios 248K
TV from Las Palmas (Gran Canaria).
.Onda Jerez 250K
Local TV of Jerez de la Frontera.
.Pleamar TV
Local TV from Cadiz.
.Popular 210K
General TV station.
.RTV Insular 100K
TV from Las Palmas (Gran Canaria).
.RTVV 130K
Local TV from Valencia.
.Solidaria TV 160K
Family channel.
.Tele Taxi 141K
Videclips of spanish artists and comercials. Located in Barcelona.
.Telecinco 271K
General TV station (recorded news).
.Telecorazon 242K
General TV station.
.Telemadrid Sat 190K
Entertainment, music, sports and news.
.Teletoledo 273K
Local TV from Toledo.
.Tosiriar TV 100K
Local TV.
.TV Azul 141K
Local TV from Tenerife.
.TV Burgos 190K
General TV station.
.TV Ferrol 100K
Local TV station from Galicia.
.TV Leon 190K
General TV station.
.TV Mas 141K
Local TV from the Canary Islands.
.TV Salamanca 180K
General TV station.
.TV Segovia 210K
General TV station.
.TV Zamora 90K
TV from the province of Zamora.
.TVE 100K
World news in spanish language.
.TVG 116K
Live from Galicia.
.TVVI 190K
Canal Autonomico Valencia.
.UPV TV 450K
Universitat Politècnica de València.
.URJC 200K
TV from the University Rey Juan Carlos.
.Valencia TeVe 512K
Local TV from Valencia.
.Videncia TV 220K
Various streams; cooking recipies and entertainment.

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