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Channel Stream Fav.Information
.101 TV 500K
Various programs.
.2e Kamer 300K
Live streams from the 2e Kamer.
.AT5 523K
Local news from Amsterdam.
.Business Class 500K
Recorded business news.
.Consumenten TV 800K
Channel for consumers.
.Cultura TV 800K
Culture channel.
.DDS 81K
Experimental TV.
.DDS 200K
Experimental TV, not always online.
.De gouden kooi 450K
Reality TV - Stream 3.
.De gouden kooi 450K
Reality TV - Stream 2.
.De gouden kooi 450K
Reality TV - Stream 1.
.De gouden kooi 450K
Reality TV - Stream 4.
.Dier en natuur TV 800K
Web TV. Selection of AVRO animal programs.
.ETV 391K
Local educational TV from Rotterdam.
.Exploding TV 750K
Channel dedicated to the International Film Festival in Rotterdam.
.Festival TV 700K
Dutch music and party TV.
.Geloven (NCRV) 791K
Christian TV.
.Graafschap TV 500K
Local TV from Oost Gelderland.
.Hilversum best 800K
Various programs from all time.
.Hollanddoc 500K
Documentary TV.
.Hollandse clips 400K
Web TV with Dutch music.
.Jeugdjournaal 291K
Live view from the editorial staf of the Jeugdjournaal.
.KRO - Kindertijd 500K
Program for children.
.KRO (opvoeden doe je zo) 700K
Programs about child education.
.Lotte TV 750K
Episodes of the serie Lotte.
.Maxx-xs 750K
Movie Trailers.
.Museum TV 800K
Web TV. Selection of items from the Dutch Art World.
.Nederland-e 800K
Educational channel (
.Nickelodeon 1550K
TV for children.
.NOS Jeugd journaal 500K
News For Kids.
.NOS Journaal 450K
Recording of the NOS News
.NOS Journaal 800K
NOS news 24/7 365!
.NostalgieNet 542K
Nostalgic TV material.
.Omega TV 800K
Christian channel.
.Omroep Flevoland 630K
Regional TV with recorded news.
.Omroep Gelderland 147K
Regional TV station.
.Omroep Zeeland 1119K
Regional Television.
.Oog TV 152K
Local TV from Groningen.
.PI6ATV 320K
Amateur TV repeater from Ijsselstein.
.Politiek 24 791K
Political TV.
.PSV TV 300K
Recorded streams available on website. The stream shows the live PSV training webcam.
.Radio 3 FM 380K
Radio station with studio view.
.Radio 538 250K
Radio station with studio view.
.Regio 22 331K
Regional TV based in Hoorn.
.RNN7 TV 320K
Local TV from Zuid Holland.
.RTLZ 800K
Live financial news (only during office times, GMT)
.RTV Channel 310K
RTV Channel is the music entertainment industry online live television source for music business news, information, videoclips and the popular Music Charts.
.RTV Drenthe 300K
Regional TV from Drenthe.
.RTV Noord 270K
Regional TV from Groningen.
.RTV Noord Holland 400K
Regional TV station which broadcasts the NOS journaal live.
.RTV Oost 520K
Regional TV station.
.RTV West 530K
Local TV from Zuid-Holland.
.Slam TV 1100K
Music channel.
.Sport TV 750K
General sports channel.
.Sport TV 750K
Volleyball sports channel.
.Sport TV 750K
Basketball sports channel.
.Sport TV 750K
Handbal sports channel.
.Sport TV 750K
Waterpolo sports channel.
.Sport TV 750K
Hockey sports channel.
.Sport TV 750K
Korfbal sports channel.
.Sugababes TV 450K
Web-based TV for youngsters.
.Terena Cam 900K
Live from the Koningsplein in Amsterdam.
.Tien 780K
Commercial TV station.
.TMF 1500K
The Music Factory (only available in The Netherlands).
.Tros Sterren 800K
Dutch music.
.TV Limburg 500K
Regional TV from Limburg.
.TV West 530K
Regional TV from Zuid-Holland.
.Vara Humor 791K
Humoristic TV.
.Vara Variatee 800K
Humoristic TV.
.VPRO 790K
3 voor 12 on stage with live concerts and sessions.
.VPRO 790K
Live Concerts, MusicClips and interviews.
.VPRO (geschiedenis) 800K
Documentaries and historic TV material.
.WorldMadeChannel 250K
Interactive TV channel broadcasting home video & photos sent by TV viewers from all over the world.
.Zapperz TV 1000K
TV for the younger generation.
.Zazaro TV 800K
TV channel dedicated to the urban community and youth sub-culture in Europe.
.Zeezicht 800K
Webcam located in Scheveningen.

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